I've always wanted to pull off something messy, hence the title. However, I was always uncertain because I might end up looking like someone who did not take a shower for more than a week. Or is that the look I'm aiming for? haha A bit confusing ei?

A Kilo of Kindness

The United Nations International Day of Charity is just right around the corner. September 5, to be exact. In line with this event, Movenpick Hotel Mactan Cebu is inviting everyone to make a charity donation to support education.

"A Kilo of Kindness" is a campaign by Movenpick Hotels and Resorts that involves 16 hotels in the Middle East and Asia. Guests and even residents of the vicinity can donate at least a kilogram of learning supplies. Those who donate will, ofcourse, a token of appreciation from Movenpick. You get to receive a scoop of the most delicious ice cream in town which is exclusively available at Movenpick. By the way, make sure the learning supplies you donate consists of books or school supplies.


Last Saturday, I finally conquered the most iconic bridge in Cebu. . . Marcelo Fernan Bridge! I've always wanted to take a walk there and enjoy the view. I've been passing through the bridge multiple times. When I was a kid, and the bridge has just opened, I was in awe by how amazing it looked. Yeah, there are a lot like it but it was my first encounter with an actual cable-stayed bridge.

Find Your Strong

IRONMAN 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship is about to commence in a few hours. Over 2,500 triathletes from 45 countries have come to Cebu to compete in the said championship. Aside from the competition itself, the event also holds on of the biggest and most complete triathlon expo to date.

Mickey's Bucket

A few months ago, New Era finally opened a store in Cebu! When I got the invite for their opening, I was more than ecstatic about it. It literally felt like I was in a candy store when I got there. They have more than 500 cap designs to choose from! Imagine that! I was surrounded by loads and loads of awesome caps. If you're like me who just can't get enough of caps, this global brand definitely has more than enough in store for you.

Style Insider

Last May, Forever 21 launched their new styling service... Style Insider. Yes! You read that right, Forever 21 now has a styling service and its for free. You don't even need to purchase anything from them in order to avail of the service. Now everyone can have their own personal stylist!

Send Off

There was actually a time when I was very skeptical about long line shirts. It felt like I didn't have the confidence to wear one. However, by the looks of the photo above, I am now comfortable wearing long line shirts! Haha This look definitely takes a lot of confidence to pull off because its longer than the long line shirts I've become used to.