Red Hot Sale

AirAsia is back with it's biggest sale, Red Hot Sale! You can book flights from as low as Php 317 one way all-in fare from Cebu to Puerto Princessa. Other promo flights are from Cebu to Kalibo, Davao, or Manila for only Php 690 one way all-in fare!

Road to Flawless

I have been stressing a lot lately because there's so much to be done and even so, I am still stuck after all that. Hahaha (Cries deep inside) All that and more really shows up on my skin! Literally, it's not much of a break out but its the worse I've had in years. Good thing, Flawless has a lot to offer to remedy my skin problems. I visited them about less than a month ago regarding my current skin situation.  I will be visiting them regularly and give you guys updates on the progress through my RTF series here on my blog. =)


If it's not obvious enough, I like Pandas! Haha I haven't seen one in person and I really hope one day I would get to see one, if not, cuddle with one! As for now, I'll settle with cute Panda videos on YouTube. This look started with one little Panda patch which I found at a mall nearby. The moment I saw it, my imagination went wild which bore a couple of DIY's and this is one of those.

Shabu Shabu Ichiban

I had the pleasure of being one of the people invited for Shabu Shabu Ichiban's food tasting. To be honest, I was really hesitant in attending since I am not fond of Japanese or any oriental cuisine. So, I was sort of terrified. Haha I decided to go because why not? Okay, I did give out a reason why not. Hey! I really need to give this place a chance with my taste buds. I have to try out new things and that is why I decided to go. Guess what? It was one of the best decisions I made! Shabu Shabu Ichiban really caught me by surprise. Not did I only like what I ate, I could not stop eating there. I have been craving for Shabu Shabu Ichiban since then and my girlfriend finds it weird because I never crave oriental asian food. It is that good!


Yes! I still have my fluffy gray hair in these photos. Haha Well, my gray hair wasn't always fluffy but as it grew it went fluffier and fluffier. It took a lot of maintenance and I had no patience for that. So I decided to get rid of the color. Maybe soon I'll give a hair color a try again but for now I'm keeping my natural color. Okay back to these photos! This pullover takes a lot of confidence to wear. Match it with the gray hair and I quickly learned how to ignore my surroundings. Haha I can't deny that this combo will definitely turn heads.

Urban Lifestyle

Having been to Manila almost every year, I always catch these random bazaars that I pass by why roaming around. Most of those that catch my eyes are those that have stalls selling locally made products. I honestly said, "I hope their will be a bazaar in Cebu that showcases local brands like these." Turns out, a group of friends was already planning out to open not just a bazaar but a Concept Store that showcases local brands. Brands that are curated to pique our interest in supporting local! There is no need to wait as Urban Lifestyle is now open! =)


The thing I like about visiting Manila is meeting and catching up with friends. I think I have already mentioned that here on my blog. Anyway, we also get to visit new places with them. This one is not really new but it was our first time visiting Pinto Art Museum. So I dare say it's new! Haha. Kim, Jed, Sophia, and I went on a mini road trip to reach the museum and boy did we have loads of fun. I don't know why but whatever we do with these guys. We always have a blast!