Orange World

Orange World has finally landed in the Queen City of the South, Cebu! FWD Life Philippines officially launched the app last January 11, 2017 at La Vie Pink House. “What better time to launch a mobile phone app that encourages people to celebrate and live their passions, than at a time when people are actually celebrating and living their passions?” shares Roche Vandenberghe, Head of Marketing of FWD Life Philippines, the country’s fastest-growing insurance company.  I was there and I have to be honest, I had the vaguest idea of what Orange World is. Good thing I was at the event to get to know more about Orange World. It truly is exciting!

Tomorrow it is

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2016 (BCBA) is happening tomorrow! My blog is nominated under Best Style Blog category. Here are some looks that I have yet to post in this blog. Yes! I still have a lot in store for you guys! =)

Something Sporty

Comfort is always one of my top priorities when choosing what to wear. Okay, sometimes I have to sacrifice that for certain events. However, when I'm running errands and doing loads of activities around the city, I have to wear something comfy. Hey, you can always do both! Stay comfy and stylish as well!

Magnum Cebu

I still remember way back in college when I would crave for chocolates, I would definitely buy a Magnum. If I crave for ice cream, I would also buy a Magnum! Guess what? I have a sweet tooth and I always crave for both! Haha Magnum ice cream was always the best choice in satisfying the best of both worlds. Years have passed and the brand synonymous to Belgian chocolate indulgence have grown with a variety of decadent flavors such a the Magnum Infinity. This time Magnum ice cream takes their signature ice cream bars to the next level... and they are bringing it to Cebu!

Blue Staycation

Life gets too stressful most of the time. Busy schedules, errands, and (let's face it) difficult people drain our last bit of energy. That's why Sophia and I decided to take a 3 day break from all of that. We all need to take that breather from time to time. We were very excited that we prepared for it for weeks! Haha

With A Cause

Around two months ago, Sophia and I were contacted last minute to talk at an event about basic styling. I was told that it was for the Cancer patients, advocates, and survivors. We immediately said yes despite the very short notice. We seriously thought it was a very intimate event. Little did we know, it was actually the Cancer Fair 2016!

Roof Deck

I really like roof decks! Haha I don't mean the ones where there are fancy restaurants with a stunning view. Those are good too but I really like the ones that are just plain and raw. The utilities and tanks in contrast with the view is something interesting. It totally brings out the side of me who romanticizes about perfect imperfections.