Monochrome Tigers

I miss my gray/grey hair. However, I would never go back to dying my hair again. It took so much time and effort to maintain. Still, we never know. I might go back at it again. Haha It was the time when almost anything I wear was elevated simply because my hair was gray/grey. It was also strange how I automatically did not mind the stares I get every time I go out. I'm not sure but I think it's because I just don't care what other people think. There are only a few people I know whose thoughts matter.

The Metro Stores: 7 Christmas Gift Ideas For Guys

It's Christmas season and people are definitely feeling the gift giving spirit! I never forget that this is the month when everybody tells me that I am a very difficult person to give a gift to. The reason? I'm a guy! I'm very well aware that a lot of people, specially ladies, have no idea what they should give to a guy. So here's a list that, for sure, a guy would like to receive this Christmas!

Open Field

This is one of my favorite spots in Cebu. I know it's not much. It's just a random area in SRP but I like the feeling being there. It reminds me of home. Fields that stretch for miles beside the road instead of buildings cramped beside one another. Just looking as far as you can without obstructions. That is why I like it there. Hey! If you look the other way, you get to see the Mactan channel too. =)

3 Tips and 5 Sections at Metro's 35th Anniversary Sale!

Metro's 35th Anniversary Sale is finally here! Trust me, you do not want to miss this one because it is one of the biggest sale event of the year. Splurge on your hard earned money because there's no guilt here. I'm sure you'll get a bang for the buck. Huge discounts, great finds, and amazing prizes await you at Metro!

Just to make sure you'll get the most out of Metro's 35th Anniversary Sale. Here are 3 TIPS and 5 SECTIONS for you to watch out for.

Metro 35th Anniversary Sale

Metro is celebrating their 35th year with no less than a bang! This is definitely an all-out sale that you do not want to miss. Awesome deals, great finds, and big discounts of up to 50% off on store wide selections await you on October 13, 14, and 15. 

Red Hot Sale

AirAsia is back with it's biggest sale, Red Hot Sale! You can book flights from as low as Php 317 one way all-in fare from Cebu to Puerto Princessa. Other promo flights are from Cebu to Kalibo, Davao, or Manila for only Php 690 one way all-in fare!

Road to Flawless

I have been stressing a lot lately because there's so much to be done and even so, I am still stuck after all that. Hahaha (Cries deep inside) All that and more really shows up on my skin! Literally, it's not much of a break out but its the worse I've had in years. Good thing, Flawless has a lot to offer to remedy my skin problems. I visited them about less than a month ago regarding my current skin situation.  I will be visiting them regularly and give you guys updates on the progress through my RTF series here on my blog. =)